Study on perception

In the aftermath of my friend and co-workers death I have been observing that there are a great many reactions to someone dying. There is acceptance (at least on the surface), anger, fear, sorrow and all of the other emotions one might expect.

The whole situation has got me thinking again about the concept of impermanence. The Buddha spoke about this; he taught the world that nothing is permanent. From the Universe itself down to the smallest life form, we all go through a life cycle. As soon as we are developing in our mothers womb’s we are already on the path to impermanence. Death is the constant companion of life.

My though on this is that it is natural thing and should be looked upon as such. Impermanence isn’t a bad thing, it is a constant that if embraced is no longer feared. Death is the other side of life; you can’t have one without the other.

People have their own way of dealing with death and dying. I look upon it with curiosity and wonder. Is there more after we die? Do we just die and fade? Whole religions and ways of thought have been put into place to explain the unknown and smooth people’s fear.

Only the dead know for sure and they are not talking…

We never know how much time we have, so make the world a better place…because tomorrow may be too late.

Live well!



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