A Sad Day

Today my wife and I attended the funeral of our long time friend who recently died. I write this with a profound sense of sadness and loss. I will miss him. Today was also the first time that I attended any kind of Catholic ceremony. The ritual of it was somehow comforting as one would expect. I guess that is what rituals are for, a sense of familiarity  and release is needed in order for those left behind to make sense of the senseless loss of a friend and loved one.

Funerals are for the living, the dead no longer have any such concerns or cares. The ironic part of the whole things was that our friend really did not have a real belief in God or religion. The whole idea of spirituality and religion in general was an anathema to him.

My world will be a bit smaller without the presence of my friend and his ever present Oakley sunglasses on his head. My world will be smaller without his humor and his ear to bend when I need to complain about something at work. I have grief that needs to be worked through now and that is as it should be.





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