The Middle East

This morning on the way to work I sometimes listen to NPR radio. Mind you, NPR is very liberal in its reporting style but one of the things that I do like is that they talk about things that most other news outlets do not. At the very least the angle they use on their reporting is different.

One of the stories this morning was on the rising tensions between Iran the United States and Israel. Iran seems hell-bent on being a nuclear power and then using a weapon to start a war in the Middle East. As I am listening to this I find myself wondering, when will mankind ever grow up? When will the drive to “be right” be overcome by the biological imperative to survive.

Why must nations act so irrationally? Over what? Arbitrary lines on a map saying “this is ours” and that “is yours”. When are people just going to be people and start looking past the political and religious divisions that have fueled violence for so long? The whole idea of warfare on a global or even a regional level is ludicrous. War is an outdated way of solving problems, killing is not the answer and never really was.

Mankind is intelligent, but our emotions get in the way of that intelligence. If Iran creates their own nuclear weapons ,will the western powers “allow” it to have them? I would suspect not, that alone will be enough provocation for Iran to use them in “Self Defense”.

I am sickened by the thought of the death of possibly millions of people and the environmental destruction that such a war would have on our whole planet. Set aside your emotions and your politics and religious views long enough to think about any of us going to war yet again on a scale that has not been seen in human history, before it is too late.

There is only one way for all of us to survive this, the way of peace and rationality. Overcoming our childish behavior and turning to a way of life that does not involve trying to force your lifestyle on anyone else. You can start today by giving up the need to “be right”. Let others live the way they want to live, to choose freedom or not, to worship or not and just finally look within yourself and know that it is alright to not worry about what the person next to you is doing with their life.

Live and let live, do it now for yourself and humanity.


Be well,





2 thoughts on “The Middle East

  1. a nice dream but all the bleeding heart talk of equality,human rights,dignity etc is but ultimatly an illusion………………..power,dominance,control,greed are the reality of the whole of human history…..from the egyptian,babylonian,assyrian,greek,roman,byzantine ,ottoman,spanish,british,russian,american empires right the way down they all have an unbroken record of the same modus operandi……………………the wars going on in central northern africa,middle east,and eurasia are going to continue and escalate………….its about control of the resource par excellence………… is fashionable to blame america for this…but america is merely one player in this chess game……….niether side is morally or ethically more or less evil than the other………..this resource is going to be controlled by one or the other of the big players (or alliance of big players) no matter what…no matter what the cost in money effort or lives………..remove america and the battle goes on between the others in anycase……………….these proxy nations like iran,iraq,syria,sudan etc are merely pawns in this game and do not have a chance in hell of ever being free as long as oil is involved…………………..get used to it as it will escalate until a winner is declared who will rule with iron rod……………..harsh reality but reality no less……..

    1. Greatgodpan,

      Believe me when I say that I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I am quite aware mankind has been competing for resources since there were more than a hand full of sentient people. My hope, however small is for the human race to grow past it’s childish need for violence. Change has to start somewhere with someone. Life and people are far more important than money or power.

      Thank you for your comment!


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