Different think on being different

On my last post about a probable conflict in the Middle East I received a comment from a new reader about how he thought I was mis-guided about human behavior and the control of resources. I will admit that he had his history correct, his comments were also in line with reality. However; history is often changed by a small group of people or even one person who is willing to think differently and act or speak, whichever is appropriate for the occasion.

If people think the same way for a day, month, year, decade or centuries they will get the same results. Different think is needed here. The courage to think different, to act different to be different is key. Mankind  has up to this point, killed, subjugated and manipulated others for the resources of this planet as my reader has pointed out. Of course he is sadly correct about his comments and opinions.

My point is simply this; does it always have to be so? Can anyone of us stand up and say it is time for change? I believe that I am doing just that. My words even if unpopular or plain wrong in others view are my words. Killing is wrong for political purposes.

There are a few reasons to kill other humans. Defense of self, your home and family or the defense of the weaker among us is not only permitted morally and ethically in my book, but required. Predators are to be dealt with, with the only language they know, matching violence.

It is never my intention to offend through putting my thoughts into this blog, but to encourage both myself and others think about the positions that they hold.

Now go about your day and think differently and don’t be afraid to take some arrows for your view of the world. It is all good and part of  “on being different”.

Be well,



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