Nature’s Balance

As I have recently written I have lost of friend of mine to death far too early. Nature has a way of balancing the scales thought. As I write this I am sitting in the other room from my daughter’s baby shower. The ladies attending are playing the typical games that you might expect and having a good time. Not really a place for a guy to be, so I write…

As I see it one life is gone and another one comes into the world and their is balance. I hope that my granddaughter has a long and happy life. There is so much sorrow in the world as there really always has been but look, balance again, there is also joy.

Balance of opposites is everywhere if you just open your eyes and look for it. The seasons, light and dark, death and life to name but a few of the obvious examples. Life will go on no matter who is here to observe. Life is one of the strongest forces in the Universe, life is everywhere and it wears many faces some fierce and some gentle.

I can’t wait to see the gentle little face of my granddaughter and welcome her to the world. I have not even met her yet and even now I feel a connection to her. It is strange I did not feel that way about my own children, that feeling had to develop over time.

Life is still a mysterious and wonderful thing as it has always been. I miss my friend and hope  that he finds peace wherever he has ended up, that however I leave to your own belief system and way of thinking.


The balance of the scales goes on with no regard for our thoughts, beliefs or desires and that is as it should be. No one can or should tip the scales of life and death.


Be Well!




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