Becoming my Dad

This last year I have been observing an interesting transformation in some of my speech patterns. My Dad’s speech and attitudes have been coming into my lexicon more and more. Now brooding over this it made me think, am I becoming my dad?

That would be no. But then I say something to someone and I hear myself and think that is some shit my dad would say. Funny how this is working out because along with the speech patterns I also find myself having attitudes that I know are my dad’s as well. DNA might have more of an impact than environment, who really knows at this point

Maybe age is making me just not care so much about things that in my younger days would get me upset. Keeping my blood pressure lower is much more of a priority than worrying about others and behavior that I find stupid or offensive.

I still do get upset about things and my wife does point them out like she did yesterday concerning my brother, ultimately though the paradigm is shifting to one of relaxing more and worrying less about others.

I understand that stupidity is universal amongst the human race (me included) and being in a perpetual state of angst over it is just not the way I want to live. So if I am becoming my Dad in that respect…

I guess it is not a bad thing after all.

Stay calm and don’t care so much today.



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