Welcome to the world

Yesterday my oldest child had her first baby. She is by all accounts as most babies are “Very Cute”. The only mark on the day was that my ex-wife did not do a simple thing for me. I asked her to call me when birth was imminent and that would give me time to get ready and go to the hospital as being a male of the species I was not invited to the actual birthing process.

All good I have seen it with my own kids and that was fine by me…

What I did get upset about was the fact I was part of a group MMS with a picture of my new granddaughter 30 minutes after the birth. I am not sure if my ex-wife was not thinking or she purposefully excluded me. There is nothing I can do about it. I am still upset at her and will be for quite some time. Of course I didn’t say anything to the new parents as I did not want to bring my anger into the joyous occasion that a new baby brings. Like always in times as these, suck it up Jim and move on to the next thing.

All that aside, I am glad that baby and mother are doing fine. A new phase of life starts not only for the new parents but for the grandparents and the stepparents as well. Today I have a little less burden on my heart and there is more love to go around for the newest addition to our family.

Welcome to Planet Earth Josie, let me show you around.




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