Return to Facebook

It is currently 0407 in the A.M. and not being able to sleep I have completed my very limited return to Facebook. The main reason that I turned my back on it almost two years ago was two fold. 1. It was getting very intrusive with having way too much personal information out in the public eye. 2. Facebook in general is a serious time waster.

The reason that I have signed up again is that my daughter and son-in-law are Facebook users and it will be a good way for me to see how my new granddaughter is doing as she grows. My writing here and my twitter account are controllable with what I like to share or not share, in that same vein of thinking I have locked down my Facebook page/account as much as possible.

I will not be putting a mobile application on my phone and looking at my FB page 20 times a day. Facebook is not my ideal way to communicate but I am flexible and will use it to leverage my communication with my family without trying to share too much personal information with the Facebook community at large.

I understand that if I linked my blog with my FB account that I would drive page views but I can tell you that I am acutally doing quite well in that department without the intrusion of FB into my online life. If I sound like a hater of FB I am really not. I am however going to be very skeptical and cautious in my dealings with that website.

I still have a bad taste in my mouth about it after almost two years of being absent from it. I guess my general distrust is working here. I like to share (as in my writing) but not too much.


Be well,




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