The Anomaly

A few days ago I finished the book “Anomaly” by Peter Cawdron. This book is a very different kind of science fiction book in that the protagonist is a gentle and intelligent man instead of a violent hero type. For fans of space opera this book is probably not for you.

Without giving the book away too much, here is what I got from this intriguing story…

In the majority of books about aliens and first contact with humans, the Earth is invaded which tends to unite a very fragmented humanity of which we really are. Humanity gets its collective backside kicked by the aliens throughout the narrative. However there usually are one or more people who come up with a good idea that turns the tide on the “bad guys”. That is violence turned outward for the purpose of repelling an invader.

In the book “Anomaly” the alien “machine” is what is considered a Von Neumann probe. Though out this book the probe makes no hostile movements towards humanity, it is in fact humanity that ends up making all of the hostile moves. This story really got me to wondering about a simple concept, do people need an outside aggressor to unite?

Looking back on human history so far it would seem so. Violence brings about unity and eventually peace, and a peaceful approach brings about a violent response in people. What a childish race of people we are. The off the top of my head examples of these two are World War 2 and Mahatma Gondi.

I enjoyed this short book immensely and give the author credit for writing something smart and different. Don’t get me wrong, I like my violent space opera just as much as the next guy but this book was a refreshing change of pace. Please support the author, you can find this book in the Kindle store on




2 thoughts on “The Anomaly

  1. Thank you for the kind review. Anomaly has had a mixed bag of reviews on Amazon, some of them quite scathing, so I’ve expanded the content, added an alternative ending and have had the book professionally edited. It’s probably another week or so before the new version goes live, but I’ll let you know when it does, as you will be able to download the new version at no extra cost (simply take it off your Kindle and then grab another copy from the cloud)

    Kind regards,

    1. Peter,

      I look forward to reading the new edition. Don’t worry to much about bad reviews. It is hard work writing a 400-500 word blog entry let alone a book. I commend your efforts and will buy and read anything that you write. I enjoyed Serengeti and still need to get to your newest book.

      Keep up the good work and have a good day!!


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