Carbon Based Lifeforms

One of the loves of my life is music. All kinds of music in fact as I will listen to most anything or at least give it a good try. Lately I have been listening to an artist call Carbon Based Lifeforms. It is a strange mix of electronica and ambient music that is very easy to get lost in while surfing the web, working or like right now, writing my blog post.

I have always had music in my life from a very early age and have gone through many stages and genres. Music to me is more than sound, it generates memories both good and bad and evokes a sense of time and space that nothing else I have ever experienced has.

Music is as personal as food and clothing preferences. The type of music that you listen describes you, just as what you wear conveys to the world that you are you, unique in every way.

The last couple of years I have been getting my music from places like they have lots of free or pays as you will music by independent artists. The music is good and the artists are accessible by email. I like to talk to the people who create my entertainment, it give a sense of connection and worth to the music that you don’t always get with mass-produced products.


Be well and enjoy the music.



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