Repairing relationships

Over the last couple of years it has really occurred to me that I have had a hand in doing damage to some of my relationships. Of course we all do this sort of thing. We say things in the heat of the moment trying to get our point across to someone and in doing so damage the people that we love and care about.

I know it happens to the best of us and it is a purely human thing to do. It is not easy for me to admit that I have been wrong. It is not easy for me to say that I should not have said the words that I have said. Today though I will say those things. I have been wrong and I apologize. There are many of my relationships that I should have started repairing, some newer and some decades old. Today I am starting.

Having the courage to admit that you have been wrong shows others and yourself that you have grown past the discontent of your own personal bubble. We live in personal universes and it is good to step out of them into another’s point of view sometimes for if nothing else, a simple sanity check.

Today please think about those you may have hurt with your words and deeds, step into their shoes and remember to not only forgive them but forgive yourself for any misunderstandings and harsh words that might have been said. Forgiveness and repair start at a basic level of just letting yourself be free of guilt.

Be well.



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