Politics and morals

Politics have no relation to morals – Niccolo Machiavelli

I will admit it. I have not been paying too much attention to the
current election cycle here in the United States. Why you might ask?
Well for one, no matter which party either Republican or Democrat
nothing seems to change.

When I do watch I hear the same worn out rhetoric about how we need to
have an energy policy that enables the United States to have
independence from foreign (Middle Eastern) oil. If memory serves and
it does here, I remember clearly hearing Ronald Reagan say the same

For that matter every single election cycle is filled with the same
noise. They are words by men with no morals. John Emerich Edward
Dalberg Acton came up with the saying, “Power tends to corrupt, and
absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad

Now I don’t know about the great men part of Lord Acton’s statement
but power does corrupt and politics and power go hand in hand, just as
oil and money do. As long as it is less expensive to pull oil out of
the ground than come up with other sources of energy for humanity to
use, then there will be corruption in the making.

I am using only one example here to illustrate my point, but a good
argument I think it is. The next time you vote please remember that
nations are run by those who seek supremacy. The people, who make up
everyday life in not only this country but every other one as well,
don’t really get to have a say. Elections are an engineered popularity
contest put on by those who can yell the loudest and spend the most

Be aware,



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