Recognizing Strength

This morning an interesting thought took hold of me, if you recognize strength in yourself ,can you see it in others? If you can see it in others, does it bother you? Does recognizing strength in other people make you shrink from their strength as well as your own?

You might wonder where I am going with this line of thought. What I am trying to convey is that I believe that some among us are not only afraid of other’s strength but their own too. Being strong is far more that physical, I would say that most of your personal power is mental and spiritual. Knowing yourself on a fundamental level gives you a base of stability to draw from.

The problem for most people is that they do not understand how to pull from this basic part of themselves. Finding out who we are in this life takes time and self-examination that most are not going to do without some kind of crisis like the death in the family or divorce.

The so-called “Mid-Life Crisis” is one of those times of examining priorities that teach us about ourselves. If you are younger than that, why wait? Ponder what makes you who you are, look inside for what makes you strong and powerful as a person. If you are older you have probably already done this and more than once. What have you learned from your journey?

For everyone it is different and it is an important process that we all must go through, no exceptions. Seek out your inner strength, seek to understand the “real” you. Others do not live in your reality, only you do. Live in your world with dignity, grace and purpose or be a slave to someone else’s ideas of what is right.

Take the steps you need to take, walk down the path, for you have no choice in this. Walk, run, skip or crawl if you must but take the initiative before life forces it upon you.

You are far stronger than you know.


Be well.




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