Reflecting on the week

This last week now that I look back on it has been interesting. I have been sporting a headache for around the last 10 days, our new boss at work is settling into his new position and I am getting used to my new carpool buddy.

Life sometimes throws unexpected curves at us that we don’t expect and being flexible in our approach to life is a must. I wonder if my latest bout with the land of headaches is me fighting against the ebb and flow of life. If so, then I am doing it to myself.

As anyone that has read my blog for long has probably figured out, I like to learn. Book learning for the most part is not my way of doing it though. I like to read different kinds of information from many different sources, put together the common threads and then form my own thought processes concerning the subject I am trying to educate myself about.

I have never been one to take the word of one person on anything. The exception here being when I respect the person or source of the information being sought or presented to me. Trust like that comes with time and accuracy.

Today will consist of some housework, good food, the company of my little tribe and coffee. A good Sunday to be sure. Monday it all starts over again in a cycle that must be preformed, not only for myself but for society at large.

Being part of the greater good and finding our place in the world is not easy. It can take some adjustment at times when life throws us differing situations that keep our lives interesting in those times when we get into ruts.

It is now time for me to get out of the valley and climb to the top of the mountain to stand above the clouds and look upon the glorious sunlight.

Be well,



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