Walking alone

We all walk alone in our own universe of the self. As individuals we
spend time in the collective with other people in an effort to silence
that single voice of their own being, but we are always alone with

Being in your own perspective is not a bad thing as there is no
choice, only the truth of the matter. Embracing the person that lives
with you 24/7 from birth to death is healthy. Knowing who you are and
understanding that person is hard work not to be shied away from.
Find someplace quiet where there are no sounds of technology and other
people and ask yourself, “Who am I”?

Listen for the answer; it will come in its own time. You know yourself
better than anyone and you have to trust that, to hold that, to be the
person you came here to be without fear of what others may think. The
older you get the less you care about what people outside of your
personal universe think, it is not that you don’t value the opinion of
“outsiders”, it is just that learning to trust the inner environment
becomes easier over the decades.

Walk alone in strength and remember the views of anyone outside of
yourself are the perspective(s) of the single universe that each of us
live in. Being hurt by the chatter from someone else’s personal
standpoint is not healthy as it shows that you need to work on your
own point of view, to refine and meld your outlook of things into
something that works for you.

Give it some thought; I am still pondering all of this as it comes to me.

Be well,



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