Break time is over

ImageI have taken a month and a couple of days off from writing as I have been going through some personal issues that I wont go into here. I have taken the last few weeks to regroup and work on my self. That includes fighting an injury from the last of 2011.

However; it is time to start writing and getting my ideas flowing again. For those who enjoy what I have to  say and understand what I might be trying to convey that particular day I thank you for your patience while I have been working on putting my head in a better place.

As anyone that has been on this planet knows life is not always easy, but it is a challenge. Challenges are meant to be faced and overcome to the best of our individual abilities. I am no different than anyone else and have been having challenges.

Life can be a bit overwhelming but we must not give up, our loved ones and our friends depend on us to take care of them and help them through their challenges, just as they help us through ours. Ok then, break time is over JP, get your ass in gear and get moving.




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