Home wasn’t built in a day. – Jane Sherwood Ace

As the summer season approaches the northern hemisphere and our energy
levels kick up due to increased sunlight hours I have been noticing
that the amount of work both inside and outside of our home is
increasing as well.

I will freely admit I like to relax when I can and sometimes get
irritable when asked to do something by my wife or just realize that
there is something that needs to be done. Having a home is a constant
work in progress with times (winter) where there is less to do and
(summer) when there is more to do.

Working with the cycles of the seasons is as old as people on this
planet we all share, that is just the way it is. Complaining or
fighting against it is useless. Things must be done. Lawns need to be
mowed, fences fixed, weeds pulled, burnt out plugins need replaced.
Sometime I get a little overwhelmed with it all and then I read the
quote by Jane Sherwood Ace and was reminded that having a home should
be a joy not a burden.

Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, everything in its season.
Good thoughts to remember when frustrated about things like work
schedules, commutes and caring for the home that you live in. For me
it is time to relax into the rhythm of work, workouts, family and
taking care of our home and hearth.

I feel blessed to have a home to live in and take care of as I have
lost one and don’t want to ever lose another, too much trauma and
grief in that direction to be sure.
Take good care of your home and it will take good care of you. Any
building can be a house but it takes love and caring to make a home.
Rome was not built in a day and neither is a home.

Be well,



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