Your action is required

From generation to generation it seems that a lesson has to be
relearned. No one is going to make you a success but you.
Participation in life is mandatory to not only live but to thrive in a
world that cares nothing for people who won’t even try to help

To learn anything, earn money, create a blog, raise a child or build
and maintain a marriage requires action and input by each and every
one of us. No one gets to set back and cruise along without working
for what they want and those that do; are standing on the backs of
those of us who work and strive for a better life.

Work and struggling are not only good for the soul but necessary for
the individual and the human race as a whole. Purpose gives each and
every one of us a sense of where we are in the world and a goal to
strive for. Goals are hard for some as they think of them as
roadblocks instead of stepping stones to the top of life’s ladder.
Really it is completely based on attitude at that point.

The mindset of goals, actions and involvement in life needs to change.
Humankind was meant to strive, to fight, to figure things out. Living
on the welfare of others is no way to live. Don’t get me wrong here,
we all are down on our luck sometimes and need some help, but past a
certain point it becomes using and welfare.

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps as the old saying goes and make
some goals however small to strive for and start moving. Do it now!
NOW! If no one depends on your actions then depend on yourself.
Momentum will build and movement forward in your life will happen,
have faith in yourself and your abilities; there is no one on this
planet like you.

James Keating one of my instructors in the martial arts has a saying
“Just Keep Moving”. Good advice. Get moving, keep moving and never
give up on yourself and those who care about you. Life is lived
through action and action brings results. Adjust accordingly if you
must but try each and every day to improve yourself and your world.

I will end this post with a quote by Pablo Picasso…

Action is the foundational key to all success.


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