21 and counting

I would like to dedicate today’s post to my son Erik. Today is his
21st birthday! I won’t embarrass him with stories from his childhood.
What I will say is that I am very proud of Erik! He has obviously
taken at least one lesson that I taught him and put it to good use.
What is that lesson you might ask? It went something like this, “Erik,
question everything! Question what your teachers, mother, friends and
even what I tell you, filter everything through your way of looking at
the world and make up your own mind”.

A plain and simple guide really. No ambiguity, no pressure from a dad
worrying about how he might turn out. I knew then as I know now that
people come into this life to accomplish something. That “something”
is not always apparent to everyone and sometimes not even to the
person involved. Parents are here to guide, not interfere, to help and
not hinder. Live your life Erik be the person that you came here to
A word of caution though, as you make your way through this milestone
of adulthood remember to always take responsibility for your actions
and take care of the ripples that you leave in other people’s lives.
Trek carefully but not timidly into the future that awaits you, it is
what you say it is going to be.

Happy Birthday my Son! Enjoy!


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