Believing your own thoughts

Do you believe what you think? Sometimes I do and in doing so I put myself in danger. When encountering something or someone we make judgements and think we know everything that we need to. Then a story is built up around what we think and a framework that sets us apart from reality is constructed.

This is trap that we all fall into and it separates us from what is true. It causes pain in our minds. Our perceptions are based on our suppositions not our experiences. We believe our own press of what we think is. Most of the time I would say that you and I are just plain wrong.

Let’s say for a moment that you saw a picture and it was of a family member and they make comments on that picture (on Facebook for instance) without thinking or inquiring into your own feelings emotions you have a negative thought about this person. How could they say that you might ask yourself?! How could they be so callous and uncaring about your feelings?

I have news for you, its is simply this, it is not about you and it never was. The only problem here is that your perception of reality is distorted. Your feelings don’t even come into it. The reason that you have hurt feelings over something like the example above is that you don’t yet realize and need to is that other people don’t do anything because or in spite of you.

If we spend time trying to live in other’s business’s and not take care of our own (for example: Telling everyone how they should run their lives) we will continually suffer for it. Living your life and being aware of who you are without judgement of anyone else is the way to personal freedom.

The next time that you feel that you want to comment on something some one has said or done, stop yourself and ask a question…How will I feel and who will I be if I don’t think that thought? How will the rest of my day go if I just let that person or situation develop that way it is going to anyway without my help, emotion or comment?


Something to think about…





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