Happy Birthday Dad

This morning I had a nice talk with my dad. We talked some about age and the usual stuff that sons and dads talk about. He did pique my interest though with his attitude about life. What he said was profound and wise. Being older has an advantage of having a lifetime of mistakes and victories to draw from.

My dad did reminded me yet again that not all life is bad and in turn not all people are either. Life is what we make it. I know that’s an overused cliché but there is a lot of truth to it. My dad talked about my uncle and how he had abused himself with cigarettes and alcohol for many years and is now in an assisted living situation. Sad to be sure and I feel bad for him but at the same time you can only abuse your body so long before there are repercussions.

My dad has his business and home and lives his life the way he wants to and I think very highly of him for that. I only hope that I can be as well-rounded as my dad has become. I know that it will take work and I know that it will come in time. I love you very much dad and I hope that you have an awesome birthday.

Your son,



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