Music in the morning

This morning as my wife and I enjoy some coffee, internet and conversation I stumbled across an article about a new music service. It is called Songza. It has a “Universal” app for Apple devices. It is similar to Pandora in the fact the you can listen to different genres of music. In addition…no annoying ads!!! Yes!! I love that.

The difference in this application is that you can customize it about anyway that you want. Right now we are listening to a mellow coffee shop mix of music, appropriate as we are now having our second pot of french pressed coffee. Now this is funny, I just looked up at the clock and realized that it is into the afternoon…

That is all right though, that is what Saturdays are for, relaxing, coffee and enjoying the company of the person I love most. If you have an iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch, go to the Apple apps store and give it a try, if you are the music lover that I am you will enjoy it immensely.

I enjoy music so much that I consider the music that I listen to virtually everyday the sound track of my life. Think about how a song that you hear on the radio or playing over the speakers of a place you are shopping takes you back to a place in your past. Sometimes good sometimes bad but oh how the feelings are so sharp still brought on by just a few musical notes.

Music is magic, listen to some and see what nice memories that you can bring up today.






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