I have now been a father, I actually prefer Dad thank you very much, for almost a quarter of a century. Today I was thinking of all the father’s days that had passed and how so much hand changed in not only my life but the lives of my children and step-children.

My Son-in-Law will soon be having his first father’s day the first of many. This will also be my first fathers day as a grand parent as well. Being a Dad is not easy, it requires sacrifice, love, patience, perseverance and a sense of who you are as a man.

Fatherhood is not to be entered into unless you really are serious about it. Like motherhood it is a permanent job, you don’t get to quit and you never get to throw up your hands and give up. As children get older and move into adulthood and have children of their own the job description changes but it never comes to an end.

I wish all the fathers out there a great fathers day this year. Spend time with your loved ones if you can. You are a link in a chain that remains unbroken from the beginning of the human race. Play your role well dad’s and enjoy the benefits that come along with being a parent and father.

One more thing…happy father’s day, Dad! I love you!



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