I wrote this on my Facebook page today and thought it would make a good post.

Someday the fractions between humans will be a thing of the past. Maturity for now escapes the human race. Arguing about things like religious beliefs, politics and race will be replaced with peace and exploration, both within and without.

For today though, sadly we are stuck with the same worn out arguments about who’s god is the right one and who is right and who is wrong and who has the right color skin. Sad. People are just people and in the end, we all end up as worm food.

Think for yourself, make your own choices and seek what works for you. In the end you have you and all of the things that you think are so important will fade away. Children, wifes and husbands, all of it is just a thin veil of what is real. Dogma is the result of others people’s thinking, noise that you don’t need to listen to if you choose to be an individual.

Be prepared to be shunned by the tribe. The tribe is wrong when all of them herd around thinking the same thoughts and saying the same things. Free will and choice has been bestowed on us by our creator.

Free will is supposed to be used! Use it wisely and don’t be afraid of using it like a weapon if you need to. Life is short and we don’t really know how long we have to live.

Live free and love life, it could all be over today, or tomorrow or a life time from now…

Think outside of the box because
sheep live in boxes of their own making. I am not a sheep and have suffered and continue to suffer the slings and arrows of others who do not understand how to be free, who fear as I once did to let go of the need to please the tribe.



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