Life keeps flowing

It has been a few months since I contributed to my own blog. For me many changes have been in progress which I am sure that many of you share or have shared in your lives. Relationships, spiritual growth, personal and professional dissatisfaction, changes in home life just to name but a few. Time and life keep flowing and at least for me and my family they seem to be flowing in a more positive direction for the most partImage.

To those of you who have been my friends/family for years and to my newest friend Lonna, I want to publicly thank you for all of the support and friendship that you have shown me and continue to show me. I am better person for our discussions, shared thoughts and interaction.

It is my hope that I can contribute to those who I care about and the greater world as a whole by my being there for those who need it just as others have been there for me when I needed them. It is time now to let words flow from a positive place to help my small part of the world be a better place.




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