What do you want?

I am reading currently reading a book on Modern Bushido. One of the questions that it asks is simply this. What do you want? In addition to asking yourself what you want, you then ask yourself why you want it. This line of thought has  me now pondering what is it I do want from life, from myself and from other people.


Ok then, why do you want it? A simple enough question on its face but how often do we just think or say that we want something, whatever it may be without asking ourselves why do I want…(insert your want here). Take some time then and go off by yourself and ask those questions but more importantly wait for the answer to come to you. It may not come right away, it many come to you in an interaction with someone or voice in your mind, the lyrics of a song, have patience it will come to you when you need it to.

When we ask our hearts desire we must also be willing to wait for it, to work for it, to strive and prioritize our lives in order to get it. Don’t forget that you are the greatest asset in your personal Universe. You are the most important person to you. If you are not I suggest that examining life is in order.

Kindness and forgiveness toward yourself is important for self healing. I think that we have all done enough damage to ourselves and what we have allowed others to do to us as well. Be calm as you walk through your life, ask your questions, wait for the answers, believe in your truth which is yours alone, a truth that once realized and acted upon will make you most happy in life. Isn’t being happy something that we all want? 

Be well,




One thought on “What do you want?

  1. Thanks for this helpful insight.
    Listening, asking, feeling, seeking, listening some more… and acting

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