Walking alone along life's pathToday my wife and I were discussing why certain things in life happen. It came to me that “things” don’t really happen to us but more we are presented lessons. I suspect you know what I mean if you have been on this planet for a while. You get that feeling of needing to get something done, or move on from a relationship or a job for example.

At first you ignore it, then you rationalize why you should stay where you are. Fear creeps in telling you that things are “not so bad”. Well, let me tell you something dear reader, if you get those nagging thoughts and feelings and don’t act on them they keep coming back over and over, then the Universe, God, Spirit (insert your favorite deity or thought process, religious belief etc, here) gives you something that you can no longer ignore, a health problem, a broken marriage or relationship, family issues you name it as it could be anything that really gets your attention and holds it tight.

Me, I am having a health problem that has been plaguing me for many months. I won’t go into what I was ignoring in my situation but I will tell you that I now have an issue that is holding my attention completely. I have been forced to deal with the lesson that the Universe has seen fit for me to learn.

It is time to let go, to release our hold on what we are clinging to so desperately. Our pain comes from holding on to things and situations and people who are doing us harm and our sub-conscious mind knows it. I suspect that we know it consciously as well; if we are honest with ourselves that is.

I am being honest here. I am letting go because I have no choice now. It makes me sad that fear of change has gotten me to this point but it has. My family and I deserve better than what I have been holding on to. It is of no matter then, the damage is done, the Universe has my attention and I will change. I am ready, willing and able, all it requires is an act of faith and the willingness to “flow” with what is, not what I want it to be.

I know that as I drift and stop trying to paddle upstream without even a paddle this time, I can rest in the assurance that life will unfold the way it should with or without my resistance to it. There are forces far greater than each of us in play. A lesson learned again.

The Universe must be really patient with me…I keep having to learn the hard way.

Letting go now…



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