The Warrior’s Pray Part Two

Today I will give my thoughts on the next two lines of the Warrior prayer. The complete prayer is listed in my last post The Warriors Prayer Part One.

In softness I have strength.
In silence I walk with the gods.
In softness I have strength. To most people in the Western World being soft means being weak. I would like to challenge that though process with an idea. What is the softest element known but can be extremely powerful? Yes, water is the answer. Water is soft, it can conform to any shape, it can bring life to an arid desert or wipe out an entire city. Bruce Lee said in one of his movies, “Be like water”. Softness in more human terms allows anyone to experience true emotion and feelings toward their fellow-man. Many people have never been taught to listen to the still quiet voice that guides each and every one of us. We are too filled with noise and harshness that we can’t hear the flow within our own minds and bodies.
How many people do you come across on a daily basis who are brash, rude, abrasive and strong-willed, only knowing what they want; without any desire to open themselves up to a higher way of thinking? It does not have to be so. Please understand here that I am not advocating being a door mat for anyone. Real softness can be approached in the manner of self-mastery, being able to wait upon the right opportunities in order for life to work out the way that it should. Real strength comes from within and that takes time to retrain  your spirit to dwell in a resonant place of softness.
In silence I walk with the gods. How busy are you? Like many I would suspect in this century of the internet, television, computers, traffic…too busy. Silence both inner and outer are a lost art in most people’s lives. Meditation, contemplation, a walk in the woods or  just an urban trail with some trees helps to refocus our attention to what is important. Silence helps us to understand our inner Universe more readily that any other way.
It doesn’t really matter how you get to your personal place of silence but it is essential to be a healthy human being, it must be done. I’m preaching here as I am a big offender of this behavior and I am not pointing my finger at anyone. I struggle like most that live in population centers with not having enough time to “walk with the gods”.
Cultivating this peace one person at a time will open up the world, both inner and outer to being a better place. Seek silence, look for it, seek it everywhere and anywhere you may find it. Quiet your mind and let the thoughts that rush through pass by like that crazy little  children they are.
Enjoy and be well,



One thought on “The Warrior’s Pray Part Two

  1. This is powerfully gently moving. Brilllllliant. I feel it so very thoroughly. Can hardly fathom my personal experiences, struggles and victories in this area being stated any clearer. BEAUTIFUL, JIM

    Bit by bit, breathe by breathe, we continue on this path and can help others find courage to seek silence….and we can, in the process, often discover ways we are growing through our association with them.

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