The Warrior’s Prayer Part Three

In peace I understand myself and the world.
In conflict I walk away.
Today I will continue to share my thoughts on the Warriors Prayer by Stuart Wilde.
In peace I understand myself and the world. The first place that peace springs forth from is the self. Inside all of us is a place of peace or war that must be decided on. Free will is key here as we either feed the hate, anger, fear or we feed  silence, peace and self understanding. The very young rarely understand what it means to be at peace with one’s self, that kind of self actualization comes from age and experience. Knowing and being at peace with your inner environment will blossom outward to encompass not only other people but the world at large. Strive to be at peace with yourself first, then the rest of the pieces of your life will fall into place without any manipulation or striving.
In conflict I walk away. In today’s society the days of old are gone. There are no longer challenges for formal duels, if you issue or accept such then you are but a puppet that falls into the industrialized legal system that runs our current world. Their view is that those who are foolish enough to engage in such behavior will be punished…severely! Remember that your honor comes from within you, it is what you say it is. As long as it doesn’t hurt or violate anyone else a code of conduct that is just and fair has nothing to fear from anyone.
Conflict in most circumstances is unnecessary. A polite response to anger, hate and ill feelings will smooth over most situations.DO NOT lead with your ego! If not then being a warrior demands that you will be ready to use only as much force as is absolutely needed to stop an attack on your person or on the defenseless under your care. Always walk away if you can; the ego is like a chattering monkey that has no sense of actions or consequences that you might take for good or bad. The ego only cares to be fed by emotions not forethought and wisdom.
When you can walk away from conflict then you are a master of yourself. It matters not what others may think of you. You are important and deserve the care that you would give a loved one. Conflict leads to destruction of the mind, body and soul. Walk away in peace, let the  monkey dance play out without your presence.
Be well.

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