The Warrior’s Prayer Part 4

The Warrior’s Prayer Part Four

In detachment I am free.
In respecting all living things I respect myself.

In detachment I am free.

Too many of us believe what we think, that is to say we believe what we think is real. So much of the time our thoughts are filled with the past and future but not the present. We are attached to those thoughts as though they were life and death.

Our expectations and fears flow forth from holding or attaching ourselves to memories, opinions, likes/dislikes and so forth. Detachment is reached through realizing and internalizing the concept that everything is impermanent. Homes, people, jobs, life it is all impermanent; temporary in the big picture. The quiet mind can watch thoughts flow by without touching any of them.

Free yourself from the logical mind at least once a day, let your mind just be still or wander even, just a long as you don’t hold onto any thought. When you do the cycle of judgement starts over again. If you need an example watch a small child who has not learned to talk yet, or any animal. They live in the moment all of the time, not worrying about anything, just observing and interacting at will…happy!

In respecting all living things I respect myself.

Having respect for others starts with having respect and love for yourself. It is that simple, if you don’t respect others how can you expect to be respected, simple enough.

Again self love is born out of self respect and honoring yourself, then others…it spreads like a ripple in a still pond that has a stone thrown in it. Where the ripples lead and who we touch we may never know.

Be well,



Picture credit: Donna Prian Luna

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