It could be worse

Are you in a warm home tonight? Do you have a warm meal to eat? Do you have a bed to sleep in and doors to lock and a car to drive? Then you are better off than a lot of people. Through no fault of their own and sometimes through bad choices young, old, men and women find themselves on the streets.

Do you have empathy for those who are tired, cold, hungry and scared? Can you put yourself in their shoes and be grateful for the simplest things in your life let alone the luxuries like DVR’s, big screen televisions and fast food. So many people; human beings are fighting an uphill battle to get themselves and loved ones off of the street.

Please find a way to help these people, but do it in your own way. It can be as easy as giving food to the food bank. Giving money to the local homeless shelter or passing out blankets on a cold winters evening. Each of us can send out a kind heart in a unique  and wonderful way.

As you walk the streets of the city or town you live in remember that the homeless are not invisible, not something to be despised. They are people with feelings and needs just as legitimate as yours and mine. Throw your empathy and action into the pond of life, make a ripple. You may never know how much you may influence someone just by being kind.

Judge not or you will be judged. Someday you may be down and looking for a hand up to get back on your feet. Don’t be so quick to kick other people when they are in a bad way.

My two cents for today…





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