Happy Birthday Brother

My brother whose birthday is tomorrow. So I will start by saying Happy Birthday Dean! My brother and I have not always gotten along well or seen eye to eye on most things but he is my brother, sole sibling and sharer of memories great and small from our childhood growing up in Southeastern Oregon.

My brother and I have over time gotten a little better acquainted in some matters and others we are still strangers to each other. I plan on trying to rectify that and be a better brother myself by communication better, mainly by listening to what he has to say.

On many occasions it is easy to forget to just listen to what someone else is saying. You know, really listen instead of thinking of what to say next. I hope that this upcoming year that I can get to know my brother better. I think that there has been far too many misconceptions, miscommunications and assumptions that need to be corrected.

Dean I hope that you enjoy your day. Happy Birthday Big Brother!




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