The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. 
Mahatma Ghandi

I have been pondering the concept of forgiveness lately. forgiveness is a lost art. In our modern world we take offense at everything and I mean everything! The person who cuts in front of us at the supermarket without even an “excuse me” thrown out there or a neighbor who won’t even look at you as you drive by her home. No I don’t like to be treated poorly any more than you do…
You would think that I killed one of her kids, nope; I am not even considering it lady, too much paperwork…
It is times like those when I have to work on forgiveness the most. I have to remember that the reason that others are acting out or are rude or inconsiderate is because of them, not me.
Judging others based on just a short interaction is not fair or right. You have no idea what is going on in a person’s life, what battles they may be waging or what troubles they carry. I am not purposing that you should condone or accept poor behavior from others as we are all responsible for our own actions, but to have forgiveness in your heart and mind.
The forgiveness needs to be for you, not them. If you hold others bad intentions, anger and fear it will eat away at you little by little until you are an unhappy wretched husk of a person. Let it go, forgive both yourself and others. No one is perfect but everyone deserves a second chance.
Be strong and forgive those who are hurtful to you and others. The pain in them is evident even to the least sensitive. Open your eyes and see the truth of it. Forgiveness is not always easy but it is essential for you to move forward in your life.
Be well,

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