Looking through the lens of preconception

There is no getting around it. Try as you might there are some people who have made up their minds and they will not change them. In other words they are viewing the world through a preconception. They have decided that they are right and that is that. Final score, next subject please.

I have been encountering a number of these unfortunate people lately. Their minds are bogged down in a fog of judgement and discontent that nothing, not logic, common sense or the emotional appeal of a loved one will budge. Sad I tell you this situation is but not new.

What’s to be done about those whose minds are in such a mess? That my friends would be NOTHING. That is right, nothing at all. A closed mind cannot be pried open from the outside. It must be awakened by something inside the person who has forgotten how to feel compassion for others.

Preconceptions and compassion are a diametrically opposed to each other. A compassionate person will care when someone else is in pain or has a problem. A person with preconceptions only believes that their opinion is correct. Again, the closed mind is in control of that type of person.

Are there some people in your life that you are looking at through this lens? Are you? Do you really believe that you can know every hurt, struggle or pain that someone is going through? Do you walk in that persons shoes, do you live in their head and think their thoughts? Who are you to judge anyone?

Stop the judgement about others and look at yourself. There is plenty to clean up, a lifetime of mistakes, bad behavior, cruelty. Don’t despair there is also love, compassion, helpfulness and happiness. We have both in us and if we can stop judging each other and see with new eyes or new lenses at least we all might find that our struggles are not unique.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, remove the barriers in your mind that keep you from seeing others as human beings.

Be well,






2 thoughts on “Looking through the lens of preconception

  1. Well said Jim! I really do enjoy reading your inner thoughts and feelings and how you express them. You speak the truth so often!

    1. Thank you for reading Jerome! Not everything I write is my inner thoughts but there is a line that bloggers walk between sharing your personality and sharing too much of what is going on in one’s life.

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