We  are connected you and I. Connection can take many forms, you are reading the words that  I have written here, hence connection. Our children are connected to us through DNA and experience and love. We are connected to our pets through caring for and loving them as well.

Connections can also come in the form of electronic/social media, video, music and good old-fashioned conversation. Whenever two or more people interact there is an exchange of energy. That energy can come in the form of thoughts, feelings, facial expressions and many other ways.

When we read a book there is a potent visual connection of energy that is formed in the mind, from the author to the reader. If we are viewing a picture of lets say an ocean and we really like the ocean; we will have a wonderful feeling about what we are seeing. Likewise if we are looking at a picture of the ocean and we hate the water we will also have a feeling, maybe of fear of a bad experience we had as a child with the ocean.

In all of life’s wonders there are both exchange and manipulation of energy that can only be experienced not really described. This energy connects us to places as well. Animals are very aware of sensing and using this connection too. Animals live their lives in the moment. They are very Zen like, they eat when hungry, sleep when tired and play when happy!

If only most of us stodgy adults could remember that (me included), so I am not pointing fingers at anyone before I point them at myself first. Take the time to connect to the energy around you through direct experience with nature, animals, a good book,  a discussion with a loved one or good friend, a motorcycle ride…however you like to charge yourself up.

Connect with life and yourself; learn to see your inner light and let it shine.

Be well,




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