Under the sun

There is nothing new under the sun, but the very old –JP

For those of you that have been around a while and I would guess that everyone that reads this fits in that category, think back on your life about reoccurring situations.

It has been my experience through my now five decades of life on Earth that situations, conversations and conflicts keep happening again and again. Why is that? What is my reason for even bringing this up? Simply this; if situations, conflicts and conversations were really resolved they would not keep coming up.

If humanity as a whole changes in some way then what was old stays old. It does not recur. The example that comes immediately to mind is slavery. Slavery was an institution amongst all humans for millennia, it did not matter what part of the planet you lived on slavery was there. I would suspect if you could trace your own family back far enough your would find kin of yours that were slaves. I found at least one in my family during the ending years of slavery in the United States. Tuesday was her name.

When slavery became so untenable for enough people it was abolished and disappeared almost completely. I am aware that there is a very small trade still going on as sickening as it is. When humanity changed and only when humanity changed, what was an ancient practice of dehumanizing others for profit stopped.

War needs to be the next human group activity to end. War has been a scourge upon us all for almost as long as humans have walked the sacred Earth. Killing others for profit, religious beliefs, land and resources is not only reprehensible but primitive. Mankind has reached the point where enough of us (numbering somewhere around 7 billion people) must cry out for change! What has been is not what must always be, people can and will change for the better given enough time, or discontent.

Gandhi taught us to be the change we wanted to see in the world. I am trying to do that in this simple post; my energy in the pool of discontent against those who would use guns, bombs and violence instead of words, intelligence and insight to make the world a better place.

War will cease and sooner than you might think, the old way of thinking is falling away as more and more people become aware that everyone and everything is connected. The threads that connect us all are stronger than the paradigm that is collapsing in on itself. Look around your individual worlds and see the truth of my words.


There are some new things under the sun that will someday be old and the old things that are there now are being replaced by kindness, peace, and positivity. Be brave dear readers; the change is not going to be easy for some of you but it is needed to herald in a new way of thought where there is no place for war and its many destructive partners such as hunger, disease, homelessness.


Think it over…

Become the change you want to see in the world. Plant a seed in another by letting them see your inner strength shining forth like a sun.


Be well,






One thought on “Under the sun

  1. Absolutely true JP.
    When will logic, intellegence and the love of Man take the place of fear, greed and neglect.

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