On a dark sea

I have been posting some rather dark writing on Face Book of late and comments and concerns from two of my friends started me to thinking more about friendships. Let me start by saying that my wife (D) is my best friend, hands down. She has been with me through so much, we have helped each other get through some tremendously harsh times.

We have had good times as well and I hope we always will. There are times that I see more of the dark side of life and I used to express anger but that has changed some as I have learned to communicate in lets just say more productive ways. Writing is a therapy for my soul and I don’t expect everyone to get what I am writing. My writing is and always has been for me. If I can touch someone with my words and apparently I have, all the better.


On a dark sea I drift now.

Like a lost soul sometimes afraid and sometimes bold. 

I fear not the darkness that has me in its hold.

For the night is nothing but absence of light.

I am still now but ready if need be, to fight.

To watch over the child who has a destiny, that is my employ.

Not a chore but a simple and pure joy.

Be well this night my friends,

For we never know when it all ends.

Drift on the dark sea as it turns bright with life.

Our time here is but short and need not be filled with strife. –JP


Good night.




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