Find a new way

Over the years I have discovered many ways to do things, most of them wrong. However if you learn from mistakes then it was not a wasted experience. Just the opposite; the experience was worthwhile. If you apply this attitude to things that you may have done in the past, events or actions that you considered mistakes you might find that there was a lesson learned from the outcome.

Life if nothing else is a learning experience, arriving here comes with risk and no operating manual. We learn by making mistakes. Lots and lot of mistakes. If you are paying attention then you’ll tend to not make the same mistakes over and over. One of processes that help us with this is pain.

Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain…PAIN! Hurt is not always a bad thing, suffering is oft one of the best teachers in life. When times are good do you learn as much about yourself or others as when times are not so good? I thought not and that is how it is supposed to work.

You have experiences you make a mistakes, you feel suffering, you learn. The lesson can be great or small and over a lifetime the changes in who you are become significant. If you avoid the pain through the use of drugs, alcohol, entertainment then you cheat yourself out of the lesson to be learned.

If one try’s to avoid the really big lessons in life and trust me on this…you will be presented with them again and again until you get it. Life is determined by your attitude and how well you have learned your lessons in life. No one is perfect and everyone gets the opportunity to write their own instruction manual, one suited to them.

The next time you feel pain remember it is an opportunity to create your personal operating system manual. Look at life with new eyes and find a new way of living.


Be well,



Post script,

After reading this again, I get to apply it to myself. The last several months I got myself wrapped up in an organization that I will not name. Suffice it to say, I joined with goodwill and intent only to find again that others of evil means only wish to control and extract money and energy from you.

Seeing how events were trending, it was time to leave. I have done so with my head held high and both sad that I did not do my due diligence before becoming involved, and proud of the strength that I have to walk away from a corrupt and evil organization.

Lesson learned….again. Moving on now with a lighter heart.


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