Safety is and illusion

I have been studying reactions lately. Reactions of co-workers, children, people at the coffee shop etc. People are scared. What are they scared of you ask? The reason that they are feeling so much fear besides the ongoing news media rampage of the shooting in Connecticut is that their illusion of safety has been burst.

When one lives out your life in a bubble of mindless unawareness not paying any attention to the possible motives of others (be it bad or good) when something completely awful happens, they feel vulnerable. To that I say, good.

Safety is an illusion brought on by a mind that thinks that nothing bad will ever happen. Well I have a news flash for you, it does and it will happen, repeatedly in a lifetime. I am not trying to scare anyone but I would like more people to be realistic and alive in their thinking when it comes to the criminal element.

Personal safety starts with awareness first and foremost. If you walk around with your head in the clouds not paying any attention to your environment it is very possible that you will be targeted by a predator looking for a soft target. Be aware by walking tall, looking around and keeping your attention focused when you are out in public will go farther than any self protection device that you might choose to carry.

Being paranoid is no way to go through life and as in most things a middle ground must be sought. Being hyper aware will burn you out, being unaware makes you a target. One of the ways that I have found to achieve a balance is to sit in a public place; a mall or coffee shop will do.

Now just watch, you will see people who are and are not paying attention. Best of all you will see predators too. Keep watching…now you will notice the predators watching you watch them. Note the usually sour looks on their face that someone was looking for them. They then skulk away and you have learned a little how they think, just by watching. Make a game of it and see just how good you can get picking out the different types of people that are in almost any crowd. The spectrum of is a wide one. Think like a criminal to beat them at their own game.

Safety is your responsibility first and foremost. Care for yourself and your loved ones that depend on you. Be the one that is sensing what is really going on around them. Learn to trust your instincts that we all have. if you have not used them for a while they may be a little dull, that is ok, in no time they will be sharpened by repeated use.

Now that you have read my words, do not go back to sleep. Don’t live your life in fear but in awareness knowing that the illusion of safety need not be a bubble that you live in. Form a new mindset one that you can use mitigate the evil ones that walk among us through positive awarness and action.

Be well,



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