The last day



In a cold winter’s night the moon just past full hangs in the sky, a reminder that mankind’s measurement of time is completely arbitrary. If you were to ask the Earth what year it was, what answer do you think you would receive? I would suspect no answer at all. It would not be because the Earth (Gaia) is not capable of answering but because the question has no answer.

Humans are so fond of measuring things, money, time, the dimensions, energy output all kinds of things. In the end though what does that lead to? Control of the environment? Good guess I suppose but with the limited lifespan of the individual human and the small amount of “geological time” that humans have even been walking on the surface of Gaia, who is really in control of the environment?

I do not think that it is humanity. We could all be whipped off of the surface with a strong solar storm (radiation) global deforestation, nuclear winter you name it, there are a lot of ways to get rid of us pesky humans. Gaia has rid herself from thousands of species in her long existence. What makes humanity any different?

We are not special here we are among many other species that we as a race seem to think that we are here to control and use at our will. If anything we should be caretakers of other beings on this planet, not overlords. It is folly to believe that the rate of killing on this planet can be kept up indefinitely. It is wrong to kill in most cases. The killing I am talking about is and has been going on, on a global basis for so long now that it seems normal to the unaware masses.

Today is not the last day of any year in particular it is just a mark made by humans to try to find some sense of control. The “time” has come for us all to wake up to the fact that there are others beings on this world that need our help, need our kindness, need or kinship. If we can’t even be kind to other people how then can we be kind to other species, let alone our beloved pets.

As you spend the first day in an artificial New Year tomorrow, ponder my words but better yet find an animal, a person or even yourself and be generous, loving and kind…you never know it might be the last day you see the sun rise over the horizon. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you could not find some humanity in yourself and reach out to others even if it is your cat or dog and give them some of your love?


Be well,





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