Teachers are all around us. They can be our children, our spouses, parents, friends, employers virtually anyone. The trick lies in knowing how to listen when others are sharing their thoughts. You know the old saying, “wisdom from the mouths of babes”.

Being able to be a quiet listener will teach you about yourself, others and your surroundings. Everything speaks to those with the wisdom to hear. Quiet your mind, still your heart and listen to the sounds and sights around you.

When you feel you have something to share, then politely share it in the calmest manner that you are capable of. Don’t force your views, opinions or heartfelt beliefs on anyone, especially if those views are designed to “save” them from something.

Only those who can listen, really hear and see and feel others feelings, pain or emotion can teach. The teaching I am speaking of isn’t the conventional type of teaching but a teaching/learning matrix that comes from a higher place.

If you are blessed to have one of those people in your life then you have a gift from the Gods. Use that gift with appreciation and don’t ever waste the opportunity to listen. My dear wife is my blessing, teacher and friend and she is wise beyond her years, I love her very much.

Learn well,



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