Deep inside each one of resides a Bodhisattva.

The nature of a Bodhisattva is compassion. Compassion for all living beings, starting with oneself.
It is easy to give into the negative self talk that arises when we question ourselves and ask if we can in fact be a person of kindness.

That false inner voice of our ego that says we are not good enough, or we lack something. That false voice keeps us from being compassionate not only to others but to ourselves.

Compassion towards others will tame the ego. The ego may thrash around like an angry beast, but truly it has no power other than what you give it. In the end peace and understanding will win out. Observing the ego without judgement for what it is (a small child), will calm it like a still lake after a storm.

You and only you control your life and the Karma that you create. Your life and destiny reside squarely on your shoulders.

Be a compassionate person this week. Help others with no expectation of repayment or even a thank you. Observe what emerges not only from others but yourself.




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