The end is near

Ok not really but as anyone knows I really love Apple products and own several of them. About a month ago on a total whim I bought the new Nexus 7 Android tablet. I was not sure what I thought at first, but it did not take long to really start to like this little tablet. (I am typing this post on it…via my Apple keyboard). Along with my other geek pursuits I am also a user of most of the online Google products and that made setting up and using the Nexus 7 just that much easier.

Android has a lot of great features, some that are similar to iOS7 and some that are different. I have found that I don’t have any problems switching between platforms and that they really can complement each other. I have always wanted to learn more about computing and have done my best to learn, so Android is just another journey for me. So no the end is not really near but my wife really about fell of her chair when I started talking nicely about Android.

A little education and hands on can go a long way in changing a persons perspective on just about anything, including the whole Apple vs. Android debate. Really if you read the forums online people really do just enjoy poking fun at each other about the whole thing.

So whatever your preference is Apple or Android or like me, both you can’t really go wrong by trying something new.


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