There are going to be days when you feel more resistance in your heart than others. On the days that you feel resistance, extra sensitivity is needed to perceive what is causing that resistance.What is resistance you might ask?

Resistance is the feeling (I get it around my heart or solar plexus chakras) of fear or anxiety. You will know it when you feel it. Resistance can also come in the form of not wanting to do something that is asked of you. That feeling of “no I don’t want to” is resistance. That small selfish child in each of us, our small “self” if you will.

Doing things for others is a hallmark of being a peaceful human being, it leads us to a place of service, a place of surrender to our own needs for a short time, a reminder of what we are trying to accomplish in letting go of our ego and negative emotions.

When you feel resistance or anxious be happy, it is your spirit telling you that more work needs to be done. Surrender to the feeling, sit with it like an old friend and ask yourself questions such as why.

Why do I feel this way? What is causing me to feel this way? What am I resisting in myself? This is a gentle process that demands patience and self-love and personal evaluation. Endeavor to understand your heart, the part of you that is the “always on” connection with everything that exists in the past, present and future.

Each one of your reading this is an infinite being capable of miracles. The only thing that stops you from fully actualizing it is programming and resistance. The programming that each one of us receives constantly from the media, entertainment and others who are not aware enough to understand they are infinite, is overwhelmingly negative.

That negativity breeds resistance in our hearts and minds. Negative emotions that block our inner joy, rob of us our conscious connection to the universe and to each other. We are not alone, we have never been alone, and the illusion of separateness is false.

Awake O’sleeper…your destiny awaits you; it’s on the other side of your resistance to change and love.



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