Fear and the Ego

Fear separates us from others and from ourselves. Fear is avoided by the mind, it is ignored, pushed away drugged, drowned in alcohol, distractions of all kinds. In the meantime our self-esteem suffers the brunt of it all.

Not being aware of our inner environment creates a void that must be filled, and by most it is with fear, guilt and avoidance. There is a better way…

The way of love, self-love, love for others, love for life and the world around us, no matter how transitory we imagine it to be. The old saying goes, “Nothing last forever.” I beg to differ, everything is energy, and science and common sense tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed; hence everything and everyone (again personal identification with the body) are immortal.

Stars explode in a spectacular display (Nova or Supernova) and disperse the elements that comprise the spectrum of matter that over large periods of time and exposure to gravity (attraction) assembles new suns, planets and life of all kinds. We are made of stars as Carl Sagan used to say. Each one of us is an unimaginably powerful being, joined with and part of the sea of energy that makes up everything and nothingness all at the same time.

Fear is not real, it is diversion by the ego to make people think that “something” is wrong or “something” must be done. The void in our hearts and the resulting fear and loss of self-esteem is the ego doing what it needs to do to survive. Be at peace instead and let the ego fall silent. Let go of the guilt about your past, it is holding you back from a happy life.

Death of the ego can only be accomplished through self-reflection, the willingness to let go of our limited point of view. Perception through the filter/lens of ego will keep us trapped in a personal hell. The little payoffs that we get from staying in the same place must be examined with an open heart. Questioning what you think about a subject or a person will help you to reveal the resistance (the ego) and then those feelings can be quietly contemplated and questioned until you find the “real” reasons that usually point to you feeling bad or angry.

Our view of the world and the people in it is only accurate if and only if, surrender is ongoing. We as a race of people have forgotten (or been lied to as children) that “things” had to be a certain way.

Our ancestor’s paradigm and place in the time stream are different from our own. We can overcome our egos with examination and honesty. Letting go is a personal journey, a journey that can only be undertaken with an open heart and an honest desire to change, to be different, and to be loving and kind even to those that may have hurt you. The hurt was just the ego throwing a tantrum like a small child, wanting to get its way yet again.

Self-love disables fear by shining a light on the ego. Start today, get out the bright light of self-examination and spread your kindness into the dark corners of your soul and into the lives of others. Shine this light, not in judgment but in kindness and love. Be at peace with everyone. If others do not reciprocate your love, that is their choice to do so, judging another’s life or actions is not our job.

People do what they do out of ego/fear and that is fine. Everyone’s sojourn is different, a path that we all must walk alone. The path need not be lonely though as love is all-inclusive of everyone and everything in the universe, imagined and unimaginable.



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