Goodbye Mr. Spock

A few days ago a cultural, artistic icon passed away. It is a name that everyone who has spent any amount of time watching television, movies or had the good fortune to see his photography and poetry knows. Leonard Nimoy.

Best known and loved as the logical Vulcan character Spock. Leonard Nimoy was a hero and an inspiration to millions of people, me included. The effect that Leonard’s portrayal of Spock was simply nothing short of amazing. Thousands of people in the last 50 years since Star Trek premiered; pursued careers in the fields of science/medicine and technology. The world has been changed forever, all thanks to one “Green blooded Vulcan” as his character’s friend Doctor McCoy would say.

Being a lifelong fan of Star Trek and all its iterations, Mr. Nimoy was and will always be one of my favorite characters of all. Portraying and alien back in the 1960’s and before was an almost comical thing, bringing with it ridicule. Leonard Nimoy brought a certain style and honor to a character that changed the way that most of us think about science and science fiction at large. How many expressions are used in common language now that started with Spock or Star Trek?

Mr. Spock was and is a friend, mentor and inspiration to us all, yet Mr. Nimoy played many other roles but none of them were as iconic and interesting as Spock was and is. This is just my opinion and I will admit to a certain bias. No words can convey the sadness that many feel now that he is gone, but never forgotten. It is like we all lost our favorite grandfather but it was his time as someday it will be ours.

I will leave you with one of Mr. Nimoy’s last posts on Twitter. I believe that it encapsulates the lessons and wisdom learned over a long lifetime.

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.



One thought on “Goodbye Mr. Spock

  1. The character of Spock meant a lot to me as well. Remember the eyebrow code? I think that may have been started by a reference to that “green blooded inhuman” Mr. Spock.

    Nimoy’s Spock got a lot of people interested in science, science fiction, poetry, writing, and many other things. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few future philosophers in the mix as well. He was an intriguing character—incredibly intelligent, human yet alien, gentle, but always a little bit frightening too, with his great strength and endurance. And then there was his seven year flip. Watch out for that!

    Nimoy played Spock with such seriousness, too. One has to believe he had a great deal of respect for the character.

    May the memory of Mr. Nimoy and his greatest character Live Long and Prosper.

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