Steel gray skies

Steel Gray skies.

Looking out the slim window a steel gray sky shows through.

Proof that the outside world is still present.

Green trees, falling leaves, the Northern Hemisphere stretches and yawns.

Awaiting the first snow to put asleep all the rich people’s lawns.

The hustle and bustle of the holday’s season, the stress and depression start anew.

For those who only wish for a meal, a warm place to sleep and some safety.

Warm and snug in our beds with lights and food and heat.

Once again he starts out cold and hungry on his endless beat.

Walking to stay warm, to keep his head up. Such a burden, holding the world on his shoulders.

All the while the rich in their keeps, doing cocaine, rocks sizes like boulders.

One more night, it’s all I can do.

To see that steel gray sky again in the morning, what a privilege to live even if it is one more day.

As the people walk by noticing not, the man with bent shoulders, who walked all night just to stay alive.


As the Earth warms a dignity arises anew, like the sun shining in a steel gray sky.


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