What has happened to the country I grew up in? When I was younger people took great pride in being patriotic Americans. Now we are a country divided along political lines.

This division of conservative and liberal is really a division of city dwellers and those who live in rural areas. I know of what I speak, for I was raised in a small isolated town, and now live within throwing distance of one of the most liberal cities in the US outside of California.

I understand that this is a simplyfication of this line of thought because there are many conservatives that live in the cities of our country.

When did being a patriotic American become a crime? When did simply wanting to have a safe homeland for all of us become something to be shouted down and attacked for?

The courts and the educational system has produced a couple of generations of people now who do not have critical thinking skills, who would have and should have at the very least questioned the media, politician’s and the courts motives.

Instead more and more of us were forced to the cities just to make a living. The thing that I have noticed about this is that when you get large groups of people together (cities) they go mad.

Madness is what is happening. My proof? Run away vagrant populations in most of our cities. City councils more than willing to tax large business, the very ones who are employing hundreds of thousands of people. Then blaming those very businesses for creating the vagrant problem.

Note I did not use the word homeless. In my opinion homelessness is a temporary condition when people run into hard times and need a little help. I understand the difference because for a short time in the early 80’s my wife and myself were without housing. (homeless)

We did not sit on the street and panhandle, harass or assault anyone. (vagrant) We got busy and pulled ourselves back together and asked for help and assistance which was paid back in full.

Madness and mental illness over runs our towns, cities and public spaces and it is allowed by the political system who professes that these people are in need of help. Ok I will admit that most are in need of help, however over and over again I see people sleeping in the street, along railways etc. in what I can only describe as madness. The true homeless, the people who don’t stay that way long, they take the help provided and they get back on their feet as soon as they can.

Vagrants continue on with deficating in the street and refuse help as they take over sidewalks of our cities with tent mansions filled full of mental illness and drug use, refusing all outreach by those well meaning.

Madness allowed by the very governments that talk about compassion and inclusiveness. It’s a lie designed to pull on the heart strings of those very people who were not taught how to reason and think critically.

Where this will end I have no idea, but for me and my family we are leaving the cities as soon as possible.



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