Pogo 8.17.2010


Many of us profess that the system we have is a mess.
What do we do about it though? Some would say it is just a show.
Animals by the millions slaughtered each year. So, so many die in fear.

Eating those beings that we say we care about, killing them to feed our mouths.
Animals feel fear and pain just like we do, but a blind eye is turned at the table.
Feeding our children the anguish and terror of these animals telling them it is all a fable.

I speak today for the animals, the ones that are eaten and those ignored and neglected.
My heart speaks to your heart, please stop eating others, they need our protection not exploitation.
It is our job as humans…protection.

Would you eat your dog? Or cat? Does it break your heart to even think that?
Pigs, chickens, cows and the like. They are no different than your family pet.
Take a chance, make a bet. That you will stop today. Stop killing and eating animals!

Look into the eyes of any animal and what do you feel? Indifference, respect, love?
We are part of a the web of life, not at the top of the heap because humans will one day sow what they reap.
Take a stand, eat a vegetable, root or fruit. They will keep you alive and well…

By not sending another animal through hell.
JP ~ December 2015.


Alone with the rocks

Alone with the rocks.

Sitting on the rocks at the end of his days, the only feeling left to him was abandonment.

His children had long ago left him behind. Believing their mothers lies about his life.

The time passed and hardened the old man into a rock, very much like the ones that he sat on now.

Rocks know nothing of pain and loss, or do they?

They have seen every kind of creature that this world could make and the rise of civilizations… their fall as well.

Reflecting on his life, he did feel like a stone, heavy, burdened and ready to sink into the Earth, to be received by the mother. To rest.

The feelings of what others think of him had long ago been overcome, the echoes of that song a mist.

What matter is it to a rock? Rocks have their brothers and sisters and the Earth mother for company.

I have not one person left that I can trust, to share or to talk to he thought.

It was then at his lowest point he realized that his presence is no longer needed here.

I have served my purpose here. Nothing left to do but to wait for the Earth to rotate into the lonely darkness.

As the shadows grow longer, I will wait here sitting alone with my friends the rocks.

They will tell me what I should do.



Lost in a sea of doubt. Unsure of my next move.

The world so fearful, so dangerous, so out of the groove.

The media pushes fear, rage and our hopes are dashed like waves crashing against the rocks.

Once protectors, now our seeming oppressors, a tool of the desperate state…the cops.

Safety is an illusion it has been said. It is just as true today as in the past.

We are only as safe as we can make ourselves, to no avail at times.

For the worst of us keep committing crimes. They care not for you, but what they can take.

Train and arm yourself, to keep your family and home safe.

Give up the fantasy my friends, safety is never guaranteed.

Learn to use the gun, the knife, they are tools that you will need.

What is really important

As one grows older and hopefully wiser in life, you start to find yourself thinking about what is important to you. To me it is the simple things, a love of a great wife, the comfort that two small dogs bring, the warmth of a home on a cold winter day. You know the things that we so often take for granted.

I have lost these things before and paid dearly for them in emotional costs, monitory costs, and the loss of my dignity and self-esteem. Over time all those things were recovered and surpassed. Even though at one time I gave up and almost lost everything including my life, somehow I was lucky and the circumstances that could have been dire, turned out well for me in the long run.

I have learned through hard experience that what is really important is not what you drive, where you live or where your kids go to school. The important things to me are the love of a good woman, a warm home and the pain and suffering that I have gone through in order to recognize that the simple things are important. In the end we take nothing with us, just as we came into this existence with nothing.

Take some time today and look at your life. Only you can ask and answer the question of what is really important to you. Keep it simple, keep it honest and look into that place that only you can go and you might find a different answer to your own question.

In this time of year when commercialism


is king, when advertising is so pervasive in all of the media outlets, when we are told to buy, buy, buy, stop for a minute and ask yourself what is really important. Is it things, or is it people. Only you can answer that question for yourself honestly.

This is not a test but only a passing thought from someone who has pondered the question many times and gained the knowledge of what matters to me most.



Deep inside each one of resides a Bodhisattva.

The nature of a Bodhisattva is compassion. Compassion for all living beings, starting with oneself.
It is easy to give into the negative self talk that arises when we question ourselves and ask if we can in fact be a person of kindness.

That false inner voice of our ego that says we are not good enough, or we lack something. That false voice keeps us from being compassionate not only to others but to ourselves.

Compassion towards others will tame the ego. The ego may thrash around like an angry beast, but truly it has no power other than what you give it. In the end peace and understanding will win out. Observing the ego without judgement for what it is (a small child), will calm it like a still lake after a storm.

You and only you control your life and the Karma that you create. Your life and destiny reside squarely on your shoulders.

Be a compassionate person this week. Help others with no expectation of repayment or even a thank you. Observe what emerges not only from others but yourself.



The last day



In a cold winter’s night the moon just past full hangs in the sky, a reminder that mankind’s measurement of time is completely arbitrary. If you were to ask the Earth what year it was, what answer do you think you would receive? I would suspect no answer at all. It would not be because the Earth (Gaia) is not capable of answering but because the question has no answer.

Humans are so fond of measuring things, money, time, the dimensions, energy output all kinds of things. In the end though what does that lead to? Control of the environment? Good guess I suppose but with the limited lifespan of the individual human and the small amount of “geological time” that humans have even been walking on the surface of Gaia, who is really in control of the environment?

I do not think that it is humanity. We could all be whipped off of the surface with a strong solar storm (radiation) global deforestation, nuclear winter you name it, there are a lot of ways to get rid of us pesky humans. Gaia has rid herself from thousands of species in her long existence. What makes humanity any different?

We are not special here we are among many other species that we as a race seem to think that we are here to control and use at our will. If anything we should be caretakers of other beings on this planet, not overlords. It is folly to believe that the rate of killing on this planet can be kept up indefinitely. It is wrong to kill in most cases. The killing I am talking about is and has been going on, on a global basis for so long now that it seems normal to the unaware masses.

Today is not the last day of any year in particular it is just a mark made by humans to try to find some sense of control. The “time” has come for us all to wake up to the fact that there are others beings on this world that need our help, need our kindness, need or kinship. If we can’t even be kind to other people how then can we be kind to other species, let alone our beloved pets.

As you spend the first day in an artificial New Year tomorrow, ponder my words but better yet find an animal, a person or even yourself and be generous, loving and kind…you never know it might be the last day you see the sun rise over the horizon. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you could not find some humanity in yourself and reach out to others even if it is your cat or dog and give them some of your love?


Be well,




Find a new way

Over the years I have discovered many ways to do things, most of them wrong. However if you learn from mistakes then it was not a wasted experience. Just the opposite; the experience was worthwhile. If you apply this attitude to things that you may have done in the past, events or actions that you considered mistakes you might find that there was a lesson learned from the outcome.

Life if nothing else is a learning experience, arriving here comes with risk and no operating manual. We learn by making mistakes. Lots and lot of mistakes. If you are paying attention then you’ll tend to not make the same mistakes over and over. One of processes that help us with this is pain.

Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain…PAIN! Hurt is not always a bad thing, suffering is oft one of the best teachers in life. When times are good do you learn as much about yourself or others as when times are not so good? I thought not and that is how it is supposed to work.

You have experiences you make a mistakes, you feel suffering, you learn. The lesson can be great or small and over a lifetime the changes in who you are become significant. If you avoid the pain through the use of drugs, alcohol, entertainment then you cheat yourself out of the lesson to be learned.

If one try’s to avoid the really big lessons in life and trust me on this…you will be presented with them again and again until you get it. Life is determined by your attitude and how well you have learned your lessons in life. No one is perfect and everyone gets the opportunity to write their own instruction manual, one suited to them.

The next time you feel pain remember it is an opportunity to create your personal operating system manual. Look at life with new eyes and find a new way of living.


Be well,



Post script,

After reading this again, I get to apply it to myself. The last several months I got myself wrapped up in an organization that I will not name. Suffice it to say, I joined with goodwill and intent only to find again that others of evil means only wish to control and extract money and energy from you.

Seeing how events were trending, it was time to leave. I have done so with my head held high and both sad that I did not do my due diligence before becoming involved, and proud of the strength that I have to walk away from a corrupt and evil organization.

Lesson learned….again. Moving on now with a lighter heart.