Pogo 8.17.2010


Many of us profess that the system we have is a mess.
What do we do about it though? Some would say it is just a show.
Animals by the millions slaughtered each year. So, so many die in fear.

Eating those beings that we say we care about, killing them to feed our mouths.
Animals feel fear and pain just like we do, but a blind eye is turned at the table.
Feeding our children the anguish and terror of these animals telling them it is all a fable.

I speak today for the animals, the ones that are eaten and those ignored and neglected.
My heart speaks to your heart, please stop eating others, they need our protection not exploitation.
It is our job as humans…protection.

Would you eat your dog? Or cat? Does it break your heart to even think that?
Pigs, chickens, cows and the like. They are no different than your family pet.
Take a chance, make a bet. That you will stop today. Stop killing and eating animals!

Look into the eyes of any animal and what do you feel? Indifference, respect, love?
We are part of a the web of life, not at the top of the heap because humans will one day sow what they reap.
Take a stand, eat a vegetable, root or fruit. They will keep you alive and well…

By not sending another animal through hell.
JP ~ December 2015.


The last day



In a cold winter’s night the moon just past full hangs in the sky, a reminder that mankind’s measurement of time is completely arbitrary. If you were to ask the Earth what year it was, what answer do you think you would receive? I would suspect no answer at all. It would not be because the Earth (Gaia) is not capable of answering but because the question has no answer.

Humans are so fond of measuring things, money, time, the dimensions, energy output all kinds of things. In the end though what does that lead to? Control of the environment? Good guess I suppose but with the limited lifespan of the individual human and the small amount of “geological time” that humans have even been walking on the surface of Gaia, who is really in control of the environment?

I do not think that it is humanity. We could all be whipped off of the surface with a strong solar storm (radiation) global deforestation, nuclear winter you name it, there are a lot of ways to get rid of us pesky humans. Gaia has rid herself from thousands of species in her long existence. What makes humanity any different?

We are not special here we are among many other species that we as a race seem to think that we are here to control and use at our will. If anything we should be caretakers of other beings on this planet, not overlords. It is folly to believe that the rate of killing on this planet can be kept up indefinitely. It is wrong to kill in most cases. The killing I am talking about is and has been going on, on a global basis for so long now that it seems normal to the unaware masses.

Today is not the last day of any year in particular it is just a mark made by humans to try to find some sense of control. The “time” has come for us all to wake up to the fact that there are others beings on this world that need our help, need our kindness, need or kinship. If we can’t even be kind to other people how then can we be kind to other species, let alone our beloved pets.

As you spend the first day in an artificial New Year tomorrow, ponder my words but better yet find an animal, a person or even yourself and be generous, loving and kind…you never know it might be the last day you see the sun rise over the horizon. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you could not find some humanity in yourself and reach out to others even if it is your cat or dog and give them some of your love?


Be well,




Under the sun

There is nothing new under the sun, but the very old –JP

For those of you that have been around a while and I would guess that everyone that reads this fits in that category, think back on your life about reoccurring situations.

It has been my experience through my now five decades of life on Earth that situations, conversations and conflicts keep happening again and again. Why is that? What is my reason for even bringing this up? Simply this; if situations, conflicts and conversations were really resolved they would not keep coming up.

If humanity as a whole changes in some way then what was old stays old. It does not recur. The example that comes immediately to mind is slavery. Slavery was an institution amongst all humans for millennia, it did not matter what part of the planet you lived on slavery was there. I would suspect if you could trace your own family back far enough your would find kin of yours that were slaves. I found at least one in my family during the ending years of slavery in the United States. Tuesday was her name.

When slavery became so untenable for enough people it was abolished and disappeared almost completely. I am aware that there is a very small trade still going on as sickening as it is. When humanity changed and only when humanity changed, what was an ancient practice of dehumanizing others for profit stopped.

War needs to be the next human group activity to end. War has been a scourge upon us all for almost as long as humans have walked the sacred Earth. Killing others for profit, religious beliefs, land and resources is not only reprehensible but primitive. Mankind has reached the point where enough of us (numbering somewhere around 7 billion people) must cry out for change! What has been is not what must always be, people can and will change for the better given enough time, or discontent.

Gandhi taught us to be the change we wanted to see in the world. I am trying to do that in this simple post; my energy in the pool of discontent against those who would use guns, bombs and violence instead of words, intelligence and insight to make the world a better place.

War will cease and sooner than you might think, the old way of thinking is falling away as more and more people become aware that everyone and everything is connected. The threads that connect us all are stronger than the paradigm that is collapsing in on itself. Look around your individual worlds and see the truth of my words.


There are some new things under the sun that will someday be old and the old things that are there now are being replaced by kindness, peace, and positivity. Be brave dear readers; the change is not going to be easy for some of you but it is needed to herald in a new way of thought where there is no place for war and its many destructive partners such as hunger, disease, homelessness.


Think it over…

Become the change you want to see in the world. Plant a seed in another by letting them see your inner strength shining forth like a sun.


Be well,





Looking through the lens of preconception

There is no getting around it. Try as you might there are some people who have made up their minds and they will not change them. In other words they are viewing the world through a preconception. They have decided that they are right and that is that. Final score, next subject please.

I have been encountering a number of these unfortunate people lately. Their minds are bogged down in a fog of judgement and discontent that nothing, not logic, common sense or the emotional appeal of a loved one will budge. Sad I tell you this situation is but not new.

What’s to be done about those whose minds are in such a mess? That my friends would be NOTHING. That is right, nothing at all. A closed mind cannot be pried open from the outside. It must be awakened by something inside the person who has forgotten how to feel compassion for others.

Preconceptions and compassion are a diametrically opposed to each other. A compassionate person will care when someone else is in pain or has a problem. A person with preconceptions only believes that their opinion is correct. Again, the closed mind is in control of that type of person.

Are there some people in your life that you are looking at through this lens? Are you? Do you really believe that you can know every hurt, struggle or pain that someone is going through? Do you walk in that persons shoes, do you live in their head and think their thoughts? Who are you to judge anyone?

Stop the judgement about others and look at yourself. There is plenty to clean up, a lifetime of mistakes, bad behavior, cruelty. Don’t despair there is also love, compassion, helpfulness and happiness. We have both in us and if we can stop judging each other and see with new eyes or new lenses at least we all might find that our struggles are not unique.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, remove the barriers in your mind that keep you from seeing others as human beings.

Be well,





It could be worse

Are you in a warm home tonight? Do you have a warm meal to eat? Do you have a bed to sleep in and doors to lock and a car to drive? Then you are better off than a lot of people. Through no fault of their own and sometimes through bad choices young, old, men and women find themselves on the streets.

Do you have empathy for those who are tired, cold, hungry and scared? Can you put yourself in their shoes and be grateful for the simplest things in your life let alone the luxuries like DVR’s, big screen televisions and fast food. So many people; human beings are fighting an uphill battle to get themselves and loved ones off of the street.

Please find a way to help these people, but do it in your own way. It can be as easy as giving food to the food bank. Giving money to the local homeless shelter or passing out blankets on a cold winters evening. Each of us can send out a kind heart in a unique  and wonderful way.

As you walk the streets of the city or town you live in remember that the homeless are not invisible, not something to be despised. They are people with feelings and needs just as legitimate as yours and mine. Throw your empathy and action into the pond of life, make a ripple. You may never know how much you may influence someone just by being kind.

Judge not or you will be judged. Someday you may be down and looking for a hand up to get back on your feet. Don’t be so quick to kick other people when they are in a bad way.

My two cents for today…




The Warrior’s Prayer Part 4

The Warrior’s Prayer Part Four

In detachment I am free.
In respecting all living things I respect myself.

In detachment I am free.

Too many of us believe what we think, that is to say we believe what we think is real. So much of the time our thoughts are filled with the past and future but not the present. We are attached to those thoughts as though they were life and death.

Our expectations and fears flow forth from holding or attaching ourselves to memories, opinions, likes/dislikes and so forth. Detachment is reached through realizing and internalizing the concept that everything is impermanent. Homes, people, jobs, life it is all impermanent; temporary in the big picture. The quiet mind can watch thoughts flow by without touching any of them.

Free yourself from the logical mind at least once a day, let your mind just be still or wander even, just a long as you don’t hold onto any thought. When you do the cycle of judgement starts over again. If you need an example watch a small child who has not learned to talk yet, or any animal. They live in the moment all of the time, not worrying about anything, just observing and interacting at will…happy!

In respecting all living things I respect myself.

Having respect for others starts with having respect and love for yourself. It is that simple, if you don’t respect others how can you expect to be respected, simple enough.

Again self love is born out of self respect and honoring yourself, then others…it spreads like a ripple in a still pond that has a stone thrown in it. Where the ripples lead and who we touch we may never know.

Be well,



Picture credit: Donna Prian Luna

Thank you

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who reads my blog. It is not only an honor but a privilege to share my life with my readers. Even if you don’t choose to comment I do appreciate the visits to my small contributions to the larger thought process. It is my sincerest wish that I can write something that inspires, educates or just makes you think. Life is much too serious sometimes as others have recently reminded me.

We never really know how we affect others, so choose your words and deeds with care. Hug those who you love and care about and thank the people in your life that make it better for you to live in.


Thank you all,